Why Give? 
God's heart for you is that He wants the very best for every area of your life. He loves you and wants to prosper you emotionally, relationally, physically, spiritually and financially.

One of the biblical principals that transfers from the Old Testament into the New Testament is tithing. We do not tithe because we 'have to', we tithe because we 'get to' co-labour with Jesus as He build His Church and our lives.

We encourage you to experience God's blessings when you give God your ALL IN. We know taking the first step is often the hardest one to take, so why not start with the next 90 days only?

Look at your income across summer and begin to set up your giving so that the first 10% is given into the House of God. Come September we want to hear the stories of God's faithfulness as you place Him first in your finances.

We are believing for an incredible sense of peace, provision and joy as you lean all into His Word this summer. Plus your regular giving, even when you are away, allows the church that you call 'home and family' to continue to flourish also.

We can't wait to see what Jesus will do in and through your obedience and trust. Let's Test the Tenth!

1. I understand this form must be completed and received by Resurgent Church Team prior to the beginning of the Three Month Tithe Challenge Period.

2. I understand my household qualifies to participate because we have not been tithing for the last six months.

3. I understand I cannot seek a refund.

4. I understand if paid at a physical Resurgent Church location, my tithe must be paid by check (made out to Relate Christian Church), or by completed offering envelope, so that my tithe can be properly credited.

5. I understand I must log in prior to paying my tithe online, so that my tithe can be properly credited.

6. I would like to test God's faithfulness by accepting the Three Month Tithe Challenge. I agree that for the three month period, my household will contribute to God, through Resurgent Church.

By clicking the link below, you are agreeing to the terms and beginning the Three Month Tithe Challenge. If you have any questions, please email hello@resurgentchurch.ca

Whoever finds God, finds life!